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Social Media Services

Desk with Laptop

Social Media Consultation

This service involves researching your social media, reviewing what you've already achieved, and giving you several points of strengths and weaknesses.

Price: $50 per social media page.

Learning to use smartphone

Social Media Management

This service involves managing your social media accounts. It includes content creation, scheduling, managing comments, and general management.

Price: consultation required.

Modern workspace

Content creation

Content creation involves several stages: idea generation, video editing, subtitling, and captioning, so that you have a ready-to-post piece of content.

Consultation required. 

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Hashtag Generation

Hashtags are extremely important on social media - they're how people find your account. If you're already confident in other areas, I can help with hashtagging.

Price: $15 per post

Up to 30 hashtags

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