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Why is Social Media So Important?

Social media is the newest and latest addition to 21st century life - a way to connect with friends, be entertained for hours on end, and connect to others in a way we've never known before (...thanks COVID). In my last blog, I referenced Tik Tok and its quick rise to the top, but this has had me thinking.

I haven't even answered the first question that may come to your mind - why is social media so important?

To me, personally, social media is important because it confirms what your audience wants to know - that you are the 'real deal'. When we see the ads pop up on Google, we scroll past them until we see the 'real deal' first search result, right? The same principle applies to social media.

If you have a great review on Google, that's amazing! But if a potential customer searches your Facebook page, which has a 1-star review average, that is going to make your credibility go down the drain, really fast.

Google has an amazing capacity for information, but now more than ever, people are using Facebook or Instagram as a searching platform. When you want to find a menu for a restaurant, you could search hours on Google finding an outdated, random picture, or you could find it in a quick 30-second search on Instagram.

Google is great for information that isn't subject to change. And social media is great for information that is.

Take for example, when we were in lockdown in 2020, and you wanted to go to a cafe. The cafe says that they're open on Google - great! You make your way down to the cafe and... they're closed.

You decide to text your friend about the situation and they reply with, 'What, you didn't already know? They've been posting it on their story all week!' And just like that, social media has overtaken even the beast of Google itself.

Social media optimisation is so incredibly important for these reasons. Keeping up to date information is essential on these platforms, so your audience knows what to expect from you.

And the 'legitimate' feeling that we get from seeing reviews goes the same way for seeing brand's social media accounts - if we see that a brand has 12 followers, a cropped profile picture and no posts, it is probably going to be perceived worse than if they didn't have an account at all.


If you need any help with social media management, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I'm always happy to help! :)

If you have any other blog post suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

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