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I offer several services revolving around social media and videography.

Work on laptop

Social Media

These services revolve around all things social media!

- Social media consultation: reviews, strengths and weaknesses

- Social media management: content creation, social media schedules, idea generation

Outdoor Hot Tub

Video Production

This services revolve around all things video!

- Pre-production: including scriptwriting, planning, and idea generation

- Production: including live-streaming and videography

- Post-production: video editing, sound design

For a consultation, contact me via my form (on my homepage) or email

Post Production in Process


Livestreaming sports games involves self-direction of different camera shots from the same angle.


I have worked with Local Media Services Company, also known as LMSC, as a wide camera and a close follow up camera. 

To see my work as a close follow cam, click the link here:

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