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My Clients

30 Foot Drop

I am the video editor for 30 Foot Drop, and have recently expanded my role to be a social media campaign leader for their newest course, Empowered Leadership. Empowered Leadership is a 6-day workshop that focuses on developing the skills of people with disability to make them better leaders of tomorrow. In the past I have also created YouTube content, focussing on 'vlog' and 'commentary' style content. 

Impact100 WA

I had the opportunity to help the not-for-profit, Impact100 WA, create some videos to show where their donations are going - and how different charities have used their grants. My team and I created some professional videos, which were shown at the 2021 'Donor Dinner'.

Video Art Adelaide

I worked with Video Art Adelaide, creating subtitles for their videos. This experience taught me how to subtitle videos correctly, and I have since changed my subtitling style for 30 Foot Drop's content.

Since working with them, most of my productions have featured subtitles as well.


“Jess worked with our team at Video Art creating subtitles on social media videos, this involved great spelling and grammar.

Jess has high attention to detail and is very switched on.


We hope to work with her again in the future.”

— Stephenie Thornton, Video Art Adelaide